Building a monstrosity

1000x1000 map, 93 stand, 16 large, 67 mediums, 10 small, a large GA zone, 4 terminals, 12 runways… wish I had a bigger construction crew… I’ll post a pic eventually. Anyone know the command to take a pic of the entire map?

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If you aren’t going achievements then F10 the problem away :slightly_smiling_face:

Seeing is how I already edited the save file for coin, it would make sense, but the option is no longer there.

Um, I think it is easier just to turn on sandbox and no construction rather than edit game files, but you do what you like :slightly_smiling_face:

Have fun. Do you use realistic taxiway width so that planes don’t touch eachother? As with that many gates and runways you write, 1000x1000 wouldn’t fit except you make it very narrow.

I work with 5 runways (1 small) for 18 large and 35 medium, around 4 to 5 small and up to 10 GA. So I’m confused why you need 12 in total. :smiley: But let’s see.

A tool for creating screenshots with the full map does not exist. I do make several screenshots and put them together in Photoshop (there are other tools like Gimp or Paint. NET which can help too.)

And yes, I do also use Sandbox without construction simulation.

O my god! Its realy enormous! I hope you will make more screenshots!

Update 1 - 9/21:

  • 20,000 construction jobs 147 workers… :frowning: My structure file is 44mb…
  • I’m on my 4th 22 million cash infusion save file edit.
  • Most of the taxiways are relatively scaleish.
  • The distances between taxiways is nothing like scale, but I often wonder why we waste so much space around taxiways. I understand air wake probably plays a roll in the are between runways
  • Takes 15 minutes to fully load. Runs fin once it does.
  • I’m gonna turn it on at work and just let it build the second floor terminals and the underground passenger/security check.
  • Still so much to do. 350 daily flights makes this actually makes the work worth it. 350 x 5500 - haven’t even considered lounges, restaurants, shopping, etc.
  • Maybe I’ll string photoshop the images together this afternoon. It’d be fun, assuming it isn’t still blowing through the 20k job q.

It’s totally stable right now once it loads. Smooth, granted, no passengers, but construction is enough I suppose. I’ll turn on the autoscheduler and mod airlines once business essential things are done being built.

Talk at ya later.

But why you use construction simulation? :smiley:

@no-fun: Bardaek said this in a post above ^ :upside_down_face:

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Anyone know how to get the businesses mod working in Beta 1? It’s turned on, but isn’t recognizing it, but it recognizes the airlines.