Building structures underground

I think the ability to build structures underground (parking, bus stops, fuel, etc) would greatly expand the flexibility of certain airport designs.

Last time I checked some of it was possible. I’ve been putting car parkings, service parking lots, bus & car stops underground on -1 and -2 just fine. I always try to conserve space on the ground level for as much as I can for the airplanes.


maybe multi-level parking would be good.


I know that only fuel and airport vehicle depots cannot be placed underground, but everything else should have the ability to.

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Also catering depots and the rubbish bin depots can’t be placed underground (I forgot the name lol)

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Thanks for the reply - I’m new to the game but the couple things I had tried hadn’t worked. I’ll test more exhaustively and check back here. I do feel, as commented below, that parking, especially vehicle depots, should be able to be placed underground. They are commonly there in the real world.


Depots no I don’t think they would go underground. However, parking spaces for the airside vehicles, they do work underground. I make use of them extensively.

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You actually require only 1 vehicle depot on the ground for the whole airport whatever big it is. I put only one next to GA stands when starting out and never build another one, but all other are service car parking lots, which can be placed underground, whether on -1 or -2, e.g. right under stands, next to underground baggage bay, etc. (but note that starting from Alpha 34 you need first to get a permit to build on other floors).

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Me too.
I’d also like to stack them overground to build parking garages (as I mentioned before elsewhere but am too lazy now to search for it and it would make much sense to link there anyway as I just said there the same I said here… just shorter maybe)

I’d like to see the ability to build roads and parking lots, bus stops, etc on +1 and +2. I also would like to see the bus stops, taxi and car stops switch to “drop off only” and “pick up only” so we can have drop off next to check-in and pick-up next to baggage claim/arrivals.

Would like ability to put subway entrance on -1 and -2. In fact when it is on ground, would like to see a void for the subway going down to say -3. Right now I can place anything underneath the subway, which breaks the immersion for me.

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Hi, you can build subway entrance on -1, I’ll do it a lot. On -2 it should also be possible. For the rest I agree with you, it would be nice to see a shaft or escalators under the subway entrance.

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@faebue what kind of desks are that om the far left and far right of you’re Subway entrances?

Those are small passenger information desks. The two in the middle are the big ones, and the ones on the ends are smaller versions of them.

that’s a great layout, well done.

i think you need to change the direction for the busstops? or is there a bug with the arrow not flipping?

@Jettuh Thank you. Yes you are right I have to change them. I’m on a big rebuild of the airport and somehow forgot that after they where finished. Would be nice if they were able to switch when you place them.

@Nelis Those are the small info desks as @win_win sad.

You were talking about the arrow not flipping. Maybe the arrows could flip themselves? Also, it seems that the vehicules does a u-turn if they are on the other lane i.e. it is a normal two square road and you have a bus stop on the right lane. The bus, on the left lane, does a u-turn, blocking everything and goes to the bus stop. Maybe these two things could be fixed? Just a suggestion.