Campaign Mode (Passengers!)


Well they could do a campaign mode where u have to build a airport in different areas and see if u can get a certain passenger level. Or like a passenger number


It wouldn’t be in the first releases, it could be fun but for a start it is just create an airport that works :joy:


To make it more re-playable.
Make your idea challenge mode. With lots of different challenges.
Earn X by this year. Earn X profit per month/yr.
passengers per. 30+ challenges. Each 1 progressively harder.

Campaign mode should be more like starting in Jan. 1, 1914, the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line became the world’s first scheduled passenger airline service, operating between St. Petersburg and Tampa, Fla.

With very little help from the game in the form of technology.
The flight above lasted only 4 months.
Was way to costly.

Over the years you have to keep upgrading your terminal to keep up with the demand from airlines. Otherwise they will go somewhere else.
All the way until 2095 and your launching space flights from your terminal.


Hello there @LTL_King and welcome to the forum! Nice idea you got there. This topic may also be interesting for you, it’s about historic mode and time progression: