Can anyone tell me about a airport design?

I need an Airport Design it’s bad :frowning: Can you please help me get a design? I need it rn :cry: So can anyone help? I Luv dis game, ill post photos soon.

peeps no reply :frowning:

Are you looking for inspiration? Then look at the airport designs category and check out some airports. Also note that you may not get a response on a post for days :confused:


thanks! it worked!

Also, how to make a terminal bridge?

Build foundation on the lower level on both ends of the planned bridge. Afterwards switch to the upper level and draw the foundation from one part to the other.
Some objects such as stands won’t allow that.



Also, for Passport Check-In, people are not lining up and all the people are kludging together and causing the international flights to be delayed. Can anyone help?

Are any passengers making it to the flights?

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May you can post a screenshot of the passport check area. Make sure to turn on the zone overlay (Z-key)

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Yeah, some of them are making it, at least everyone is making it to some flights. But it’s very ugly to see People Kludghing.



I’m trying to make a ShortCut for people in the other Aircraft Stand that you can see on top of the Screen to the WalkWay you can see On the Top-Right Corner of the screen. Will that help to Reduce the Kludghing?

Well, Uhm… People didn’t even go there :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Why is it international zone both sides of your passport control?

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Tugburt is right.
This case here makes no sense:

You either enter or leave an international zone as you have it in the building on the right side.
Be also aware that passengers cannot enter, then leave and then enter again an international zone.

I know that, If I keep it as the International zone on the Right (Before Passengers enter the international zone) And keep the international zone on the left (After Passengers pass the Passport Check-In) It’s still the same.

Can you show the entire path which the passengers have to walk? Including all floors and keep the active zone overlay.
It helps us to understand your setup and find the issue.

I tried Remaking the area. It successfully worked, appreciate the help!