Can you Run it?! Airport CEO


Processor : Ryzen 5 1600
Motherboard : MSI B360M PC Mate
Memory : 2x8 GB RAM
Graphics Card : GTX 1060
Storage : 2TB HDD and 120GB SSD
*Note under repair for (now) atleast 5 months, planning to build another one

Model : Acer E5-476G
Processor : i5-8250U
Memory : 4GB (later to 8GB)
GPU : Nvidia MX130
Storage : 1TB
Display : 14-inch 1366x768


Good laptop, you could probably run 1080p with it :slight_smile:

Do you have any FPS problems? Over 3k people I have less than 30 FPS? It’s really wierd. In PA with more than 3k prisoners I can run more than 60 FPS.


Alas, the max resolution is just 1366x768

Also, the GPU is kinda suck, much lower performance than the variant with GT 1030 that cost like 80$ more. But atleast can run GTA V quite nicely on low.

The main difference is that ACEO’s passengers are different everytime, thus needed to calculate more pathfinding than PA is (hence lower FPS)


I think there is a setting that lets you change what percent of the real amount of passengers you can have. That game me much more FPS :slight_smile:


And I thought that my computer was good :frowning: I thought titan v could handle airportceo. Maybe I will try to turn off 4k


Oh, missed this offtopic one; Lets correct that;


Yep, missed this one too…