Cannot claim the baggage


Hi all,

I just start to play Airport CEO yesterday. I follow the tutorial but facing a problem now.
I have set up a baggage claim area, and the baggage can be unload and send to the claim area correctly.
However the passenger keep have problem to get their own baggage…even it is just on the belt in front of him!
Can anyone help me to solve this issue?


Can you show same screenshot with areas enabled?


Is your baggage claim area open? It looks kinda dark. Try clicking inside the dark area and then open the baggage claim area


I have found the problem.
The baggage claim area is tooooooo small.
After extending the area, the issue didn’t show again!

Thank you guys anyway!


I have the same issue :frowning: … Expanding the area didn’t fix it


Can you supply a screenshot with the zone and room ovlerays enabled?


( Took this screenshot before I expanded the room)

I can take more if you like … just ask for exactly what - I can open that save up again


Here you go here’s after I expanded the baggage claim to be the whole room… you see they just sit there (or hang out in the toilet) And don’t collect their baggage.


“It’s behind you!”


In the Panto spirit, “Oh no it isn’t”

There’s also a baggage bug about single left over items. But as @Jettuh describes it… “it’s realistic”


Well… I never see anyone ever collect their luggage… every single passenger just stands around watching it on the carousel for hours and hours then it disappears and they leave.


What version are you running?




Actually… not all of them disappear when the luggage dissapears… all these people are people who have arrived and won’t leave (they all have small ticket stubs)… most of them don’t have a baggage receipt any more.