Can't report Bugs


Cant do Bug reports in game at the Moment. Cant remember what it says, but after writing all the stuff down it doesn’t won’t to send the report off. Any ideas?


Have you clicked on send more than one time? Sometimes i have to try again to get it through. If the problem keeps persisting, it might be because of an update rolling through while you’re playing wich i don’t think is the case cause it’s saturday.
I do remember devs mentioning the bug report system was getting an update this week. Perhaps something went wrong there?


Another possible reason is the size of the savegame file. The devs mentioned several times that Bug Reports don’t work with big savegames. :elephant: :exploding_head:
You can alternatively describe the bug here in the Support section under Bugs.


I will try again. Thanks though.


There was a technical change with the way reporting works at the backend. It has been fixed and should be released in a forthcoming update.

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