Car rentals shop/ Airline desks


Feature request title:
Car rentals shop/ Airline desks

I would like to have service desk for rental of cars or Airline services.

Why it should be implemented:
This will make te game more compleet and will give the terminals a better overal look


An addition to that could be to research rental car parking/garages and add that as extra building options. So start with a (grass) parking lot with X room and be able to expand that, maybe also different parking lots for different rental companies (like on Heathrow, but also depends on the level of (micro) management you want to add). And when time progresses, money grows and airport space diminishes, you can build a garage where all the rental car companies are on separate floors (like on Hartsfield-Jackson). But for that we need multiple terminal floors and maybe even the option to build garages in the ground, so we can built terminals/hangars/stands/etc on top of them.

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Let start with just the service desk. No need to rush the above.


@Beumer I love your idea! @Puma I really hope all that micro management gets added into the game!


Really a good idea, I had thought of parking to decorate the front of airports but it will add a new feature.


I know for sure that it was planned, but it disappeared from the Trello board month or two ago, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be added. :wink:


I am pretty sure they will add it at some point. It is a pretty basic feature and I believe every major airport in the world has it in some capacity.


Yeah, but I think that with the parking we would need special system that allows flights to fly to destination and come back with the same Passengers.


See that is I think a further level of detail that may not be implemented. It is realistic but might be too much for the game… I would imagine it would simply be some passenger parks the car and flies out. Another random passenger (chosen at random) from a different flight after an x hour gap just walks to the garage and leaves with the car.

As far as my previous comment goes I was saying they will definitely implement rental cars and parking in some capacity. The level of detail and timing is something we do not know


Good idea.


I’d say car rentals are kind of a must-have for airports, aren’t they? :red_car: :blue_car:




This is a feature request, so let’s see if people will vote for it in the next round :wink:


I think it is funny this comes up again as it was posted in jun 18 haha. I think the next voting round we should aim for some smaller features (like this one) so we can have an even better development rate. By that I am not saying they are doing a bad job at the moment :slight_smile: