Feature request title:



This would be a whole system dedicated to the freighter operations of an airport. Whether your airport is a freight hub for carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, Amazon, Atlas, etc, or a small regional airport getting parcels for the mail service for the town, freight is an important operation of an airport of the global economy.

Why it should be implemented:

Freight is an important aspect of the world we live in. It provides a major revenue source for any airport, big or small, paved or grass. Huge economies are created with freight operations at airports and without passenger flights, airports can still be gateways to the world.

Now, Who’s with me???

As much as I and quite a few of the community, I am pretty sure Apoapsis ruled it out as a potential.

Here is the reason why there won’t be such big feature DLCs:

Let’s see if there might be once an ACEO2 which includes that from beginning. :slight_smile:

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What will the gameplay be like? Describe how you imagine it.

Like possibly having contracts for the cargo airlines like the passenger carriers, where they would provide a list of aircraft for the operation, then there would be freight loaders and unloaders where the freight from the aircraft would be unloaded. The freight would them be transported to a building where it will be transferred onto trucks that would haul it away, and transferred from trucks to bring it to the aircraft.

boooo… this game started soo good and now? no more wishes from the community ?! An Airport without Cargo is like an Airport without Planes… You got emergency stuff and hangars and put so much effort in it but cargo won’t go? that is lame dudes…

It would require almost twice the graphics needed to run, as with cargo, they half to do the pathing for the planes, which takes a long time, gate making, new feature adding, and the list goes on. The only things the devs are doing now is bug fixing and small DLCs.