Cargo planes


In my opinion, based on a previous idea topic I did, I think Airport CEO should add cargo planes to the game. Some cargo plane models that should be added are the md11f, md10f, boeing 767, 757, and a cessuna cargo plane. The planes will land in the evening, spend the night unloading and loading, and take off in the morning. There will be a special truck to carry around the cargo. Also, just like in real life, there should be a cargo sorting center that works very similar to the baggage handling system. Here is a image of what the cargo plane should look like:

There is no pack on this, I just want to see what the public thinks. Leave thoughts in the replies section.:airplane::airplane::airplane::airplane::airplane:


Cool, I think it will be implemented, but we need to wait.


Strongly agree. really hope to have cargo flight soon. gonna be fun


Yep same, would be awesome to be able to focus on different types of aircraft. I wish you could have a cargo only airport but I think I am thinking to far ahead. I made a post about this last year Cargo Airlines


Will there be space for a mixed airport if implemented ?


Will there be space for a mixed airport if implemented ?

I hope that will be the case


I will be cool. :grinning: