Cars only using one lane on one-way-double-lane road

I have built a road around the airport which is one-way to avoid traffic jams.

Cars seems to use one lane only, any thoughts if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong?

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I believe that the game does not support one-way-double-lanes. I have the same.

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so traffic jams are inevitable?

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Currently yes. Until they learn how to overtake :wink:


Is this on the default branch or on the experimental branch?

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default branch

They overtake all the time???

I prefer to draw arrows on 2 way lanes, on both lanes. Only busses moving from lane 2 into a busstop are annoying.

We pushed an update on the experimental branch as part of beta 2 with weighted vehicle nodes, meaning that they should now spread out across lanes in same direction as shown in @llondrus first post. Not available on default though, but on experimental! :slight_smile:


Just to add on what Olof said. To get it to work you need to drag out one-way on both sides then they should spread out between the lanes.

Edit: Just like @jasperwillem


Downloaded experimental, and it “kinda-works”
It seems the logic of vehicles on when to change lanes is a bit random… sometimes, they just stop in the middle of a straight road, and change the lane veeery slowly , creating a retention behind them.
Also I would say, the weight between the right lane and the left lane is 80-20% …
Visually it’s nicer, but I would say congestion is still more or less the same

I managed to have a clean road entry, doing an underground loop pass and forcing incoming traffic not to divert to parking/drop-off zone until further ahead:

“This game is a tycoon; it is not about 100% realism” :upside_down_face: