Catering, Cleaning, De-icing [selected for implementation]


I would be happy to see a first phase in the same way as refueling and service round where a crew or truck visits the plane and brings the levels back up to 100% from a random starting figure. Then each function could be upgraded over time to meet the developers vision.



Here’s a quick update on this: With the implementation of remote stands being completed (at least deployed on the default branch), which was chosen to work on first since its implementation contained a few sub-systems that these new services would use, work will now commence on implementing these additional services.

  1. The first service to get implemented is catering, where all graphical assets are more or less done and we expect somewhat of a pretty short implementation cycle since all systems for this feature already is in place.

  2. Second up is cleaning which will on the same principle as shipping ramp agents to the stands. Here however, I would like to input and discussion: Would the airport CEO player fan base prefer that janitors would be able to be dispatched for cleaning aircraft or would you like us to add another employee type that only handles aircraft cleaning? We will have last say depending on simulation granularity and ease of implementation and simulation but we’re still interested to hear of your opinions and insight into how it’s done in real life.

  3. Third up is de-icing, we’ve not yet fully decided on which principles to implement this by and there we will also have to have a serious look at the season and weather system before moving ahead with this. We’re currently also lacking the graphical assets for this one.

Before any of these features gets deployed however we have a few improvements to make. These include an overhauled job system so that agents do not request jobs but get assigned depending on time, distance and availability as well as a improved vehicle routing (i.e. road check-points being aware of which buildings are reachable through them) and storage (improved vehicle depot management and stand-assigned vehicles). All in all I expect each feature to take comparatively to remote stands less time to implement (also we don’t have a summer break in between).


I think having airport janitors being in charge of cleaning would be good. Some of us may have hired too many janitors…


New employee type. Pretty sure plane cleaning crews do only that, you don’t have guys who clean terminal restrooms suddenly go out and clean UA3126 before departure.


New employee type :wink:


I vote for new employee type too - perhaps behind some sort of upgrade element, so you can’t offer a cleaning service in the early days of your airport.


I agree with this.
I’m all for not over complicating things, but this needs to have a new employee type so that like fuel and baggage it’s an add on via procurement.

Also it could get frustrating if your cleaners are too busy in the terminal to clean an aircraft.


New employee please, janitors are already busy


i agree


I’d either do a new employee type, or have the ramp agents do it. The janitors have their bussiest times when there are lots of passengers in the terminal, wich is the same time as when planes need servicing.


nah, not the ramp agents. they have more than enough to do


+1 for a new employee type


Would the airport CEO player fan base prefer that janitors would be able to be dispatched for cleaning aircraft or would you like us to add another employee type that only handles aircraft cleaning?

Make them separated. We are already having issues with ramp agents such as they take care on cargo bay, baggar loading unloading and aircraft check list. They are already on short and same thing shouldn’t happen to cleaners too.


+1 New employee as well for me as well.


+1 for me as well for a new employee type. According to, aircraft cleaners seem to be a different job than a janitor.


Definitely should be a new employee type for cleaning


I am also a bigger fan from the idea of a new employee type.
But wouldn’t it be easier for the dev’s , if we create a poll?


new employee type for cleaning aircraft staff , as it is per real life.


It could also be contract based like it is in a lot of airports around the world.