Catering, Cleaning, De-icing [selected for implementation]


agree, a new employee type is necessary.
more realistic and less issues, probably…


Definitely a new employee type. Additionally a new vehicle type for these “aircraft cleaners” would be neat too.


Also +1 on the vehicle so we can distinguish it from the ramp agents service car, only another colour will already help. :blush: Probably not needed with a terminal connected stand, but definitely for remote stands.


As I’ve been leaving today. I had the opportunity to witness the entire progress. They are more of a van than vehicle and had a trailer in tow too.


As I’ve been leaving today. I had the opportunity to witness the entire progress. They are more of a van than vehicle and had a trailer in tow too.

Oh, maybe service car can be used for this purpose. Cleaning service cars will have their own depot by assigning vehicles to depots. We can also color the cars.


Yes was hoping for some sort of depot too. They need supplies, bins, carpet cleaners etc.

It gave that impression as I was watching where the vehicles came from. They would need stocks of inflight magazine etc as well.

They would also need somewhere to dump the rubbish which would ultimately need taking away as well?


I wonder if sanitation truck will be covered in "Catering Cleaning and “De-icing” features.


We looking at sewage & waste trucks as well?


I agree that they should be a different type of staff. They can then be picked up by vehicles like the ramp agents and driven to the stands to work. They should also use service stairs at the back of the plane to embarque disembark (happens alot). It would be a shame if they didn’t have a separate depot or that we can assign material rooms for them because they need so many supplies and that should be part of the cycle


Definitely a separate type. The vehicle used should be more of a van type vehicle. If you really want to be as realistic as possible, they cleaners should be carried to all stands by their own vehicle: finger position and remote position.


@Bram1560 oh yes! A cleaning room with yellow or pink garbage bags, brooms and buckets :smiley:


eventually we would then also need an incinerator! ^^


The way that I see catering being done is a complete new cycle.

So you build an area airside which has a new asset loading bay where trucks from outside the game world come in (signed by contract) to provide the meals.

They are un-loaded by catering staff (new staff type) and stored in a new room type fridge. This fridge has a new asset door and you have to lay out shelves for storage. The storage capacity of a shelf effects how big you need this room to meet your demand. Alternatively food tray as push around in stacks on wheels.

Once they are stored they are moved on to a airside catering truck ( the ones that lift up to the back door) again by catering staff and go to the plane. They are manually loaded to small airplanes and direct on larger aircraft.

The catering room would need toilets and staff room for when staff have needs. The fridge area assets can be reused in food shops as storage for food and a similar room can be used for storage of shop supplies. Extra rooms also will use up space to fill other floors when they are implemented.

I have similar ideas for other rooms but see each of these new features similar to the structure in PA.

TLDR: all new rooms need a full supply cycle


+1 to that! Perfectly explained


This would be really really awesome but unfortunately I am not sure we will get so much freedom in designing the center. I have a feeling that the catering center will be a ploppable building, like the fuel station. I think the entire simulation might be exactly like the fuel cycle. Outside trucks deliver a fixed supply and airport trucks load the supply, drive to the aircraft and load it in, just like fuel. I am not sure if we will get a new staff type or any staff involvement to be honest.


The devs are asking our opinion on staff types so would think that we will get something in the way of staff interaction. My idea is similar to how PA introduced new features and think it would add lots of depth of each mechanic was like this!


good idea but I feel like you should be able to unlock that feature at any time just to have the freedom of how you want to manage your airport.


I think a new vehicle should be added for cleaning. A sewage removal truck. There is bathrooms on planes and it is not just dropped out the back to the plane. It is kept in tanks in the bottom of the plane. This could be an extra optional service or apart of cleaning. The trucks would go back the the vehicle depot and dump the sewage. The sewage dump platform could be an upgrade or just apart of the depot.


I wouldn’t say no to sewage truck.


i thin thay wold be a contractor i think thats how it is in real life