Catering to slow?

Is it just me. Because i feel like catering is way to slow for medium aircraft?
Either make it faster for medium planes. Or make 2 trucks come, one to front and one to the back door.

On another note that would also look soo much cooler tbh. Catering is often done by the back door i believe, and if it’s a longer flight with a medium aircraft they will have catering in the forward galley, so the plane will be even weight.

It also bugs me that while at the catering depot, the catering trucks load up an entire trolley for each PAX. It would probably be more realistic and efficient if the catering truck would load up a set amount of trolleys, dependent on the aircraft, and then cater those with the required meals stored inside the trolleys.

I’ve seen no other complaints on this and on my own very extensive testing of the turnaround process catering is, if the rest of the airport operates well, never an issue so I don’t really see how the loading speed is a problem. I think it’s realistic and well balanced between possible and challenging.

This is simply not feasible at this point, we’ve tried to be as realistic as possible with the positioning of each vehicle by each aircraft but there are some constraints with the systems and space on the stand. Medium aircraft will always just support one, while large aircraft supports two catering trucks.

This however I can agree with, we can consolidate ten meals into one cart but to avoid making that part of the turnaround process to fast and easy I would increase the loading time to match the current, despite the fewer carts loaded.


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