Catering Trucks Causing Delays

I am having issues with the catering trucks causing delays within my airport. I have around of 40 of them and whenever they fill up with meals again, they only ever fill up to around 14% which means that another truck has to attend the plane which causes delays.

I have the production set to 10x and I always have enough meals for them, but they never seem to fill up completely.

Any ideas?


Catering trucks only load the number of meals for the flight they serve. (= the number of passengers)
Otherwise the meals would may keep in the truck for hours. (You don’t want to eat that)

Keep the parking lots of catering trucks close to the depot to prevent unneeded driving around the airport.

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As @no-fun said, plus that two catering trucks will attend a large plane, and thus will have half the flight requirement each loaded.

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