Changes to runway operations?

Just an interesting one, any chance we can consider changing some parts of the runway operations.

  • Multiple entry points for planes taking off
  • Planes entering the runway lining up when a plane lands but have not exited the runway yet.
  • Changing directions during the day
  • Changing departure/arrival runway during the day as a scheduled operation.

100% agree with all these points! Particularly having multiple entry points and having planes line up and hold. Would make it more realistic and also more efficient. I assume this could be looked at when all the aircraft pathfinding is updated?


I completely agree. More runway design options would be amazing! Include “Runway end U-Turn” and “Fast Runway Exit” too.

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I’m dying for a fast runway exit, but that would require 45 degree angles… hmmm. :stuck_out_tongue:


It can be a solid prefab. Like you replace it on the runway whereever you want.


I want this!

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Yup, that would be neat.

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Yep - my high speed exits are likely very uncomfortable for the passengers, who would be thrown dramatically from side to side as the aircraft follows the taxi lines… :grin:

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That would be a nice touch.

I would also like to have where we could assigned stands to the runway.

Solid thought! I was thinking this as well… Would make life a lot easier at the start and at the end of the day when traffic is mostly one-way.

I agree this idea, we need a back-track option for install in runways