Cloning Tool [implemented]

Update from Apoapsis Studios

This feature request has now been implemented!

While this feature is now completed, future improvements and functionality may still be added over time.

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Feature request title:

Cloning Tool


I think everyone could appreciate a cloning tool, possibly something like the prison architect one.

Why it should be implemented:

People like building big airports but don’t have much time this would make it easier to get your airport to an operational state.


When applying a cloning tool, include clone templating pls… so, you can clone a “block” of something; like queues, shop internals, benches, etc.

Agree. Especially useful when you build something complex but repetitive.

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Yes rooms such as toilets and staff rooms and shops would benefit from being cloned and placed down elsewhere whether it is by highlighting the area and copying it (it would be useful at that point to be told the cost of laying it down elsewhere) or by saving the template, the added bonus of a template is the room layout could be shared as a steam workshop item for other users to take advantage of.

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Would be even better if you could save the cloned items into a blueprint for reuse between saves and share that blueprint on the Workshop


yeah i meant blueprint not template

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Lol, sharing them would be crazy, have them as local assets would be cool already :), we had that for Coasters in Roller Coaster Tycoon, used it a lot.

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I love your idea! That was actually what I was hoping to see (I even talked about it in Cloning Tool in game?) and I love how people not even knowing me or else have my same Idea! :laughing: I’ll surely vote for this


Cloning tool is not “should be added” it is mandatory. The pain of building same thing again and again is unbearable :frowning:


I would call it blueprints for example like in Factorio. In my opinion it has one of the greatest implementations of blueprints/cloning/whatever you call it. If the devs need some input in how it could be done: look at Factorio.

this needs to be in the Game!

Yes, please!

Here it goes my last vote…
and I really think this should be implemented.

Keep voting :fu::fu:

Ever build a big new terminal? This is why we need a cloning tool.

It takes forever to place benches again and again.

Someone time to build a bunch of queues for me? :wink:

We definitely need such a feature but looks like community disagree :frowning:

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Maybe it will see more focus in the next round once the 700+ votes are re-distributed from the top 3 and any other requests that the devs see as linked to them. This tool would make building rooms such as toilets, staff rooms and shops so much easier, but i agree @EG0611 the community has spoken :slight_smile: