[CLOSED] POLL: Help pick the first large aircraft in Airport CEO!


Yes, the MD80 is a bit out of place, but since the poll is up and running we cannot replace it. There will be many more votes to come! :slight_smile:


My suggestion would be to just add the MD80 anyways, and just take the highest votes and make 2 variants out of it.


Okay here are my personal thoughs and some data from ACEOMM Excel sheet:

  1. MD80 should not suppose to be on this list because 757-200 is already counted as medium aircraft. (BTW maybe 757 could be moved from medium to large group and that gap can be filled with MD80)

  2. I voted for 787 (Don’t cry Airbus fans :stuck_out_tongue: ) and it will be a tough war in between 787 and A350 (currently it is 44% vs 42%)

  3. Alternative aircraft models that can be used on this vote are;

According to **Range**

(According to Range)(:asterisk: means it is on the list, :x: means aircraft is not suitable for game at the moment because of size, ceased operations or layout)

01.:white_check_mark: A340-500
02.:white_check_mark: B777-200LR
03.:x: A380-800
04.:white_check_mark: A350-900
05.:asterisk: A350-1000
06.:white_check_mark: A340-600
07.:x: B747-8I
08.:white_check_mark: B787-9
09.:x: B747-400ER
10.:white_check_mark: A330-800 neo
11.:white_check_mark: B777-300ER
12.:white_check_mark: B787-8
13.:white_check_mark: A340-300
14.:white_check_mark: IL-96-300
15.:x: B747-400
16.:white_check_mark: A330-200
17.:white_check_mark: B777-200ER
18.:white_check_mark: A340-200
19.:white_check_mark: B767-200ER
20.:x: B747-200F
21.:x: B747-200
22.:white_check_mark: A330-900 neo
23.:asterisk: B787-10
24.:x: B767-200ERF
25.:x: A330-300F
26.:white_check_mark: A330-300
27.:x: B747-300
28.:white_check_mark: B777-300
29.:x: B767-300ERF
30.:asterisk: B767-300ER

80.:asterisk: MD80

According to **Average Passenger Capacity**

(According to Average Passenger Capacity)(:asterisk: means it is on the list, :x: means aircraft is not suitable for game at the moment because of size, ceased operations or layout)

01.:x: A380-800
02.:x: B747-400ER
03.:x: B747-400
04.:x: B747-8I
05.:x: B747-300
06.:white_check_mark: A330-300R
07.:white_check_mark: B777-300
08.:asterisk: A350-1000
09.:x: B747-200
10.:white_check_mark: B777-300ER
11.:asterisk: B787-10
12.:white_check_mark: A340-600
13.:white_check_mark: A350-900
14.:white_check_mark: B777-200
15.:white_check_mark: B777-200LR
16.:white_check_mark: B777-200ER
17.:white_check_mark: A330-300
18.:white_check_mark: A340-500
19.:white_check_mark: B787-9
20.:white_check_mark: A330-900 neo
21.:x: A300B4-200
22.:white_check_mark: A340-300
23.:white_check_mark: IL-96-300
24.:white_check_mark: A340-200
25.:white_check_mark: A330-800 neo
26.:x: MD-10-30
27.:x: MD-10-10
28.:x: A300-600R
29.:white_check_mark: A330-200
35.:white_check_mark: B767-300ER
36.:asterisk: B767-300

64.:asterisk: MD-80

According to **Average Fuel Capacity**

(According to Average Fuel Capacity)(:asterisk: means it is on the list, :x: means aircraft is not suitable for game at the moment because of size, ceased operations or layout)

01.:x: AN-124
02.:x: A380-800
03.:x: B747-400ER
04.:x: B747-8I
05.:x: B747-8F
07.:x: B747-400
09.:x: B747-300
10.:x: B747-200
11.:x: B747-200F
12.:x: B747-400ERF
13.:x: B747-400F
14.:x: B747-400BCF
15.:white_check_mark: B777-300ER
16.:white_check_mark: B777-200LR
17.:x: B777-200F
18.:x: B777-300
19.:x: B777-200ER
20.:asterisk: A350-1000
21.:white_check_mark: A340-200
22.:white_check_mark: IL-96-300
23.:white_check_mark: A340-300
24.:x: MD-11F
25.:white_check_mark: A350-900
26.:white_check_mark: A330-300
27.:white_check_mark: A330-200
28.:x: A330-300F
29.:x: A330-200F
30.:white_check_mark: A330-900 neo
31.:white_check_mark: A330-800 neo
32.:x: MD-10-30
33.:x: MD-10-30F
34.:asterisk: B787-10
35.:white_check_mark: B787-9
36.:white_check_mark: B787-8
37.:white_check_mark: B777-200
38.:white_check_mark: IL-62M
39.:white_check_mark: B767-400ER
40.:asterisk: B767-300ER
41.:white_check_mark: B767-200ER

92. :asterisk: MD-80

So in conclusion; MD80 doesn’t belong to Large Aircraft vote. In replacement, we can select an aircraft in between 3 other suggested aircrafts on these 3 lists above. So I would say;

Airbus A330-300

Thank you


No matter what the final choice is, I can’t wait to see it.


It HAS to be the sexy a350!


I don’t know. Maybe MD80 is too small, but he defenietly has a soul. Plastic B787 and deathbywire-350 don’t have souls. They’re just pieces of electronic and plastic packed together. I vote for MD80 and would be pleased to see in game Tristars, Md-11, B747-200, B707 and A300s, rather than 350.


And that MD-80 series can SCREAM too… I agree.


Can we just add them all???


Obviously the md80 doesn’t fit here, but I would LOVE to see it in game ASAP for the medium stand!! A long body high tail is missing big time. As for the actual large planes to vote on… I’m a big fan of b787 but that a350 is big and sexy so it’s got my vote!


That’s most likely what’s going to happen, this poll is really more for determining what aircraft we should start with and then which we perhaps continue with. :slight_smile:


Voted for the Boeing 767 as the type is slowly going to disappear from the skies as a passenger aircraft.

Curious what large aircraft are going to be added. Agree with previous post that the MD-80 should not be part of this poll. Why not just add the MD-80 into the game ?

Rgds, Chris.


Voted. I was torn between the 767 and 787. Just slightly I like the 767 but whatever wins, that’s alright as well. The MD looks like a flying vibrator :slight_smile: hehe <-----Yes at this moment Im acting somewhere near my shoe size and not my real age :slight_smile:


Why not all? You have to keep choosing.



787 is a bit to new, its better to start with an older aircraft and moving to newer as the game progress :slight_smile:
Start with A350 or MD-80


Erm, the A350 is even more modern than the B787. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Perefect for 787. MD-80 is unique corridor plane, it is not a large plane. it will be so fine the 747, A380, Dc-10/Md-11. And I want to support Russian planes and cargo Palnes.


i think we should have
and the A310 or the A300
i dont think the a350 or the md80 should be in just yet.


Food for thought… why not have the development team create one template for each of the large aircraft (wide body) and then let the community take it from there? They did the 787-800, from taking previous templates and modifying them… If you think about it, the 747 series from the top down, are nothing more than a 4 engine plane with some shading around the hump. Scaling, a bit of modification and suddenly there’s a 747 from a template of a 4 engine template.

It also allows the staff to perhaps spend the time designing the “extra large” stands while the community is joyfully plowing through hundreds of aircraft images…Just a thought. The staff didn’t do anything to add the 100+ airlines currently in the game, but the did build a template that added dozens of people playing around with graphics software on their off time that made the >100 airlines and even new aircraft for the game.

I’ve just seem to absolutely awesome work from people playing with the graphic design softwares they have. I even downloaded Autocad Sketchbook (and then remembered my touch screen is cracked)…


Alas it’s not as easy as that. That was my thinking too before I actually started making the aircraft. There’s a lot more involved. I thought it would work the same way as making Mods would work. Could not be further from the truth. Mods are very simple in comparison.

Even though I designed and built the Q400, I tried to make an Air New Zealand mod for it. Let’s say the results are not pretty.

In part, you can blame Unity and how assets are handled within and keeping your eyes on performance. I expected to just go wham, there’s a new plane and livery, let’s go. It was quite a learning curve as to actually how new planes are introduced let me say. Now I know the process things are easier but it’s still an involved process with the implementation.

I applaud your suggestion, however it’s just not that simple I’ve come to learn.