[CLOSED] POLL: Help pick the first large aircraft in Airport CEO!


About that, pax deboard and board this aircraft without a stair truck if there’s no jetbridge. Can you include it opening the doors?


Design wise yes, that’s no issue at all. The game logic though is beyond my control.

There has been MANY conversations about such as well spread over the forums since I joined. Also Cargo doors as well and their inclusion.


There is a game logic in place for it on the small aircraft isn’t there? I see their doors opening and closing.


Long time since i’ve replied or played. Can’t wait for some new gameplay and planes!


Just to let everyone know, the Devs said that all the aircraft above will most likely be implemented in due course as the game develops.


I love the MD-80 but, PLEASE, remove it from the large aircrafts category and add it in the medium one


They already started voting so I don’t think list would be changed. :frowning:

Looks like there is still a tough war in between A350 and B787.


Depending upon the winning vote, the aircraft model could be ready before everything else is ready if you’ve ever seen some of my aircraft development posts :wink:. They were all done before just for my personal pleasure as well so, serendipity perhaps? It’s likely the GA will be first to be released as the whole airport infrastructure is in place for it already as new stands etc will also need to be developed as well.


The solution is very easy: implement the one who wins and move the md80 to medium and implement it too :wink:


MD 80 is a nice aircraft but I would perfer A340-600,500 as they are disappearing. :cry:


A340-600 is too large compare to 787 and A350. So A330-300 would fit better than MD80


How about the A340-200 or -300?


Nope… A340-300/200 Are rarely used and almost all of them are private jets…


I agree but I like A340s :wink:


Can you work on Fokker F100 it’s such an awesome aircraft! :heart_eyes: !Hopefully it will be in pick next medium aircraft poll


This game is primarily about building airports but the airplanes do have almost the same importance. otherwise we could play any other sim., but we all do like airplanes, right? :wink:

So i think we shouldnt limit ourselves with “that plane is rare” or “this plane is almost out of service”.


I agree…


I personally think the A330 should be implemented first because that is what is on the airport ceo logo


I personally think the A330 should be implemented first because that is what is on the airport ceo logo

He has a point. :sunglasses: I also think A330 sould be added to voting instead of MD88


Now that I think about it, I am surprised that we have not gotten A321 yet. :thinking: