Code Based Modding Improvements

IMPORTANT NOTE: These listed suggestions are based on coding improvements. For example requesting a new aircraft is NOT code based improvement. Requesting a new type of moddable content like a business, staff or anything else is NOT code based imprıvement.

Feature request title:

Code Based Modding Improvements


The following suggestions are requested to improve modding quality and modding content. The list will be expanded according to feedbacks from community. The important part of these suggestions is that they can be implemented by some coding improvements.

Here are suggestion lists:

  1. Enable multi liveries support with possibility of segration of regular and special liveries. Multi liveries is not code based modding improvement which was already requested Multi Livery Support but “segration of regular and special liveries” is. An input on .json file that identifies the livery mod is a special livery or regular livery. Special liveries will spawn on airport only 1 time until its turnaround process gets completed

  2. Enable modded airlines fleet. An input on .json file that identifies the fleet of modded airline. For example if an airline have 10 Airbus A320s in its fleet information on .json file, game cannot create 11th A320 flight until one of 10 flights’ turnaround complete.

  3. Enable country based modded airlines. For example with an input on .json file, make British Airways be able to fly to player airport from only England.

  4. Enable airport based modded airlines. Like #3 but this time game engine creates flights based on airport list on .json file. There should be no number of airport limitations. This also creates the possibility of charter flights. For example there could be a modded airline from Austria which flies from all Austrian airports, airports on south east of France and airports on north of Italy. This option can also be used for LCC airlines.

Why it should be implemented:

Realism :sunglasses:

Images, references or additional content:

None. These are code based improvements.

Yes, hopefully to all of this.


Sounds great! i would like to improve my mods with those informations!

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