Community expected feature update summary

Community expected feature update summary (Basic class)
  • Larger or unlimited maps
  • -3 or 4, 5F
  • XL boarding gate (three boarding bridges)
  • Custom runway (length and width)

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Community expected feature update summary (chick in)
  • XX Airlines only table
  • Exclusive for premium class table
  • ATM machine
  • Currency exchange office

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Summary of community expected function updates (terminal building)
  • Billboard
  • Small flight information board
  • Information sign hanging on the ceiling
  • Small stairs
  • One-way escalator
  • Airport MRT

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Your first poll is pretty easy to understand, only one of the options confused me the -3, 4, or 5F option. The second poll I have no idea what you mean with the XX Airlines only table and Exclusive for premium class table. For the third one I’m not entirely sure about the information sign hanging on the ceiling option. Just wanted to offer my thoughts to hopefully help you improve your posts in the future.

Ah that is mean only one Airline can use that table, and the same as the second one the table for the business class and first class passengers

Just like this one

New plane
  • B737-Max7/8/9
  • B747-8I
  • B767-300/400
  • B777-9X
  • A220-100/200
  • A318
  • A340-500/600
  • AJR21-700

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B767-300 is already in development:

By table, do you mean desk (check-in desk, boarding desk etc.) or more generally?

For some request, maybe a bit of extra background is needed to understand why we should vote for it and why only this items are one the vote as the forums is full of other requests.


  • One-Way solutions: Several times announced that this was dropped as it causes more issues than it would solve
  • Billboard: what is the feature/benefit behind?
  • ATM machine: means you have to implement a money system for passengers, otherwise no need
  • currency exchange office: Why not asking for object modding as there would be hundreds of other objects like this which do not make a real benefit except their are nice looking
  • MRT: Makes only sense when you get transfer passengers. For current map sizes, walkators are the best option to bring passengers to sattelite buildings.
  • B767 and A220 are confirmed in the dev blogs, why voting for those again?
  • And why do you have only those planes in the list?
  • unlimited maps… You can mod the size of the maps if the current expansion is not big enough. At one point, your computer cannot catch up a certain airport size, so why asking for unlimited space?

I’m sorry that I decided this part hastily. I didn’t read all the materials and related information, but I just want to enrich the game.

Is the poll closed? I can’t seem to vote…

no problem. But sometimes a bit more context behind helps more than just a keyword.