Connecting Flight

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However do you guys realize that baggage system will also need an overhaul right? That PAX’s baggage will have to find a way from arrival bay to departure baggage bay

maybe interconnect all baggage bay together and let the bags go to their destination… just like a baggage drop-off. but instead of the drop-off counters, its a baggage bay…

Or let specific airlines assigned to each baggage bay. If you assign an airline to a stand, then you will connect this baggage bay to that stand and multipule others with different airlines as long as the airline is allowed in the baggage bay.

Apart from the baggage chaos, is this a feature that could be visualized, i.e. the player can actually see it happening in game?

I have voted for this but I have no idea how it could be implemented.

Everything is possible, but it just need a clear concept and hell lot of code.

  • baggage handling (re-check in or go-through)
  • managing multiple terminals (how to transfer)
  • managing multiple international zones
  • managing multiple security zones
  • percentage of connection passengers
  • restricted to the same airline or not
  • what happens with delays

And as usual, some people want it different than decided as there are tons of different variants around the globe.

That’s why it is understandable that this feature is not implemented yet, because with every new alpha, this may had to be revised and causing a lot of new bugs.

I can see it this way, that if there is a valid conveyor path between the arrival and departure baggage bays, the baggage is being transferred there automatically (to destination). To simplify, let’s assume all transfers will be on a single (“codeshare”) ticket, so no manual re-check in is needed when there’s a valid path between both baggage bays, even if the PAX is using different airlines on the flights. If there isn’t a valid path found the baggage goes to assigned baggage claim and it needs to be re-checked in by the PAX.

I’ve been putting departing and arriving baggage on the same lane with tilt trays right next to bays sending bags “to destination” for some time now, so within a single terminal I’d only need to connect the last bay with the 1st one for it to be working fine, as also put baggage transfer lanes between separate terminals or a circular path between all of them.

However, without using automatic baggage transfers between terminals and without shuttle buses or trains (also between terminals) I can’t see this working nicely without slowing in-game time passage by a half, unless the minimum time for transfer will be set to some 12 hours.

This this version is in english. This idea is very good. Because the creation of connecting flights increases the frequentation of the airport, and therefore increases the profits of franchise and cafes / restaurants. But it must not become too important. For me only 5 to 15% of the passenger should take a transfer.

Airport CEO splits people?! Oh no…

Je suis français, je ne parle pas correctement anglais, C’est difficile d’écrire en deux langues!!!

I am French, I do not speak English correctly, It is difficult to write in two languages !!!

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I would vote for it BECAUSE the baggage system would need an overhaul. The Factorio side of my heart finds it very unsatisfactory to have a single belt going to a few a bays and call it an “International airport”. As someone who works one of the largest baggage system manufactures, I would very much enjoy some more baggage logic.

ps. can we at least split the baggage bay into outbound loading bay structures and inbound unloading structures?

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Sorry @Basile-annecy, I meant it as a joke, not meant to be taken literally. No hard feelings?

In the past the baggage bay used to be just 1 piece, not the 2 pieces combined. I can’t remember why they decided to merge the bays together though.

I´ve just voted for this. Simply, because I´ve had the same idea and discovered that there´s a thread about it, already. However, I can understand the answer of the Dev´s, that the chance is little to have it in the basic game. But hey, I´m still hopefull! Why? Because 1) this game has so much potential for extra DLC´s and I am willing to pay for it. So transit passengers could be part of a DLC. 2) I remember a time that multi floor was too complicated, separating passengers was too complicated etc. And look what we have now. :smile:

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The baggage issue could be resolved by a baggage storage bay, where the baggages wait until their next flights and being dispatched to the regular bays.

This is just brainstorming in the event that we ever will get some transfer passengers in ACEO and the devs need concept ideas.
As there might be some issues when the connecting flight is in another terminal as this could break the current terminal zone logic in ACEO.

There are several concepts and ways how this could be solved in a ACEO adapted way (means it does not have to reflect 100% the realism and should be easy for a new player which is no airport expert):

Passenger needs to re-check in anyway when switching between international-international or international-domestic flights as common in some airports like the US or China.
In this case, passengers will leave the secured area, go the the other terminal by public transportation.
It needs also to be decided if the passenger has to re-check in the luggage.
The issues: No connections within short time are possible.

Passengers switch the Terminals within the secured area
In this case, we need either terminal transportation within the secure area like a skytrain (DFW), metro (ZRH) or busses (EWR) AND to prevent the risk of connecting terminal zones: A transfer zone or a transfer door where only transfer passengers are allowed to enter.

C) any other suggestions? Post them.