Connecting with satellite terminals and multifloor levels

Is there any clear guideline available on connecting several items keeping in mind satellite terminals and multifloor levels ?
E.g. I want to start a new terminal with satellite terminal. Is it possible to have the aircraft stands connected to bagage bays at satellite terminal with check in desks at main terminal ?
Is it possible to connect boarding desk sat floor level 1 with bagage bays at floor level 0 ?
Or do check in desks must be placed in same area as boarding desks ?
Has anyone experience with using -1 tunnel from the main terminal to satellite terminal…

All of what you have said is possible - you just need to connect the check-in desks to the baggage bay, and then the baggage bay to the appropriate stand.

To minimise delays, I usual find it is better to place the baggage bays in the satellite terminal and run baggage belts underground from the checkin desks to the baggage bay. Otherwise, it is possible to have the baggage bay and the check-in desks in the main terminal and the gate/stand at the satelitte, but the baggage trucks can then be quite slow at delivering the bags to/from the stand if the driving distance is long.

Underground passenger tunnels work, equally you can build a skybridge, e.g. a strip of terminal foundation on one of the upper floors, between the main terminal and the satelitte. Just make sure you mark all the apprioprate areas as secure where necessary.

Hi, Thanks.
And boarding desks needs to be connected to bagage bays as well, correct ?

From memory boarding desks are just connected to the stand, then the baggage bays are separately connected to the stand.

Baggage bays have 3 connections - Checkin Desk, Stand & Baggage Claim Zone
Boarding Desks have 1 connection - Stand

I’m preparing my current airport for the bigbirds…
Can anyone tell me how many tiles a large stand has ?
And how width the taxiway needs to be ?


And indeed worked out all fine with connecting with multifloors. Thanks.