[Construction simulation] It's spreading like a fractal virus


This is my airport construction spreading like a fractal virus… interestingly… the origin of these unrelated events is the bottom right click on the big terminal. It has all circuled out from there, event though the other terminal there on the bottom was the last one constructed… yet they seek it… it’s almost like the construction people are “findjobtaskclosest” immediately after completing the placement of their block and then they go off and come back to fill it. They’re coming from two different drop sites. All of the construction drop points were there before I started to place the big building, yet the game is only choosing two of them… the very first one and another quit a bit above this screenie. Interesting to watch though… figure my airport will be ready on day 10 year 10…


Yup, they are indeed grabbing the nearest object to be constructed upon completing another object. The way that delivery sites material distribution work is by an attempted aggregation of the most common point of all construction orders currently waiting for material ordering. Problem is, it only measures this once for all orders in the queue, so if you place out all objects in pause and then press play it will pick a location based on all of those positions. You could argue that the system should measure the point only for those X amounts of orders going into a certain shipment, but that will mean slightly more calculations, a slightly higher risk for offset material and just more headaches in general… :stuck_out_tongue:

As I said in the other topic, I’m always open for any suggestions and input on how their behavior can be improved! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the explanation! I think the way it works now is not bad. But I think it would help if a priority system is in place where we as CEO’s can determine objects to be built with a higher priority, but I’ve no clue how much work that is from a development perspective.