Contractor Behaviour


Does anyone else see this and thing its strange.

The game as far as i am aware was changed to make all agents find the nearest activity in order to fulfill its objective (which works great for shops, employees and staff rooms), however i have noticed that this also applies to contractors as far as i can tell, what makes this behavior odd is when you build something on the far side of your airport (say a new runway) and then build a toilet near to the material bay, the contractors will finish their current build piece and then start building the objects closest to the material bay, meaning that you then wait for the toilet block to complete before the runway (even worse if you build a pathway closer to the materials bay).

I have also seen in one of my layouts the passengers exiting the subway tired and going and sitting in the baggage claim (which was closer than my check in desks) then getting up and moving straight to check in when it opens.

i have not raised this as a bug as i am assuming that it is operating as intended, just thought id see if anyone else is seeing the same thing


I’m under the impression it doesn’t matter where the bay is, they just perform what’s closest to one corner of the map.