Convey belt cannot be reached & check in desk not connected

I’m new to the game so there is a lot idk. My baggage area tutorial was of no help whatsoever. After following the steps, it saying that my convey belt in this baggage claim area cannot be reached by the connected baggage bay…

Please help us to help you by providing screenshots of the affected area. Then we can see what you are posting about.

Agree, please include a screenshot having the Conveyor Belt Overlay (Ctrl B) turned on (see following):
Baggage Troubleshooting 01

You must have conveyor belts connect from check-in desks to baggage security screening to baggage bay as well as from baggage bay to baggage claim.
The most common problem is often just one conveyor belt moving the wrong way.
This is confirmed by zooming in to verify each and every segment while in the Conveyor Belt Overlay mode.
Also you confirm the systems is operational by clicking on

  1. The Baggage Bay
  2. The Baggage Claim
  3. A Check-In Desk