Conveyor belt for people

Ok, I will make this short and sweet.
I have this problem my passengers can’t get to their flight on time because my airport is too big and thier gate is too far. So when I think to the big airports I have been, there was always these big conveyor belts I was taking to go faster to my gate. I wanted to ask, was this one of the many features of alpha 35? If not, could you think about implementing it to the game? Because I don’t really want to create another complete terminal, just satellites.

P.S. If that sounded rude, please do not take it that way. I just wanted to suggest something to add to this game.

Welcome to the community @Babaliboulou007. I believe you are talking about walkalators which is planned for Alpha 35


Also, just so you know we have 2 topics for this type of suggestion or question because this does not get seen often (I mean posts in off-topic) so put it in support or feature voting

oh ok then