Copy paste feature


I noticed that when I’m building a big airport, I want to have all gates + area around it to be similar to the other gates. Maybe it is possible to implement a copy/paste feature to be able to copy a standard check-in counter including things like screens, plants, queu’s etc. and quickly build large check-in halls. Or copy the gate seats, plants, etc. to create similar gate area’s all around the airport.


A cloning tool will probably be implemented soon as it’s a popular requested feature! :smiley:


Ahh, ok. Nice.:grinning:


Hahaha,to make the most generic places on earth even more generic? :smirk:

But yeah, would be really useful!


Let us make templates, that would even be more cool, so combine sets of attributes from the game. (standard shop layout for example).


OOOooo. I love that idea! It gives them another reason to add Steam Workshop support!


Like PA.


Right ! A copy-paste feature or a cloning tool would be very useful. Thanks


Today I was testing 30.0.0 and I desperately searched such a copy paste tool. It is extremely hard and exhausting to built everything 1 by 1. With that tool I would easily build bathrooms, staff rooms, check-in desks, shop/food areas (especially shells and chairs), even stands/tarmac/taxiways/taxiway paths as templates. Build 1, make it perfect and copy paste it to wherever you want.

Selecting Multiple Objects and Apply Changes to ALL Selected Objects at Once

I agree that there needs to be a way to copy areas of your airport within the game, and if not a copy tool, then maybe a prefab tool or something of that sort to where you could design a room once, then drag and drop. @Olof In the future, is there a tool like this coming to the gameplay.