Cork Swanson Airport


I finally did it! :grinning: :muscle: :+1: I managed to create an airport that even when it has been set to an auto scheduler with just 15 minutes between each flight, the airport very rarely has late flights causing a knock on affect down the line.

The airport has:

  • 24 medium stands (6 remote)
  • 2 runways (1 arrival, 1 departure)
  • 23 medium security checkpoints (pax only)
  • 2 small security checkpoints (staff only)
  • 8 baggage bays


Why do you have a manual scan station on both the clear and reject lines for the specific scanner row? It’s like you don’t trust the specific scanners at all so you need a human to do a final check. (So why even have specific scanners?)

Innovative baggage loop by the way.


You would be surprised, quite often even bags that have been through the specific scanners will get rejected when going through the manned one (lower right scanner) and the other manned scanner (upper left) will double check bags rejected by the specific scanner and return to the normal line if there is nothing wrong (which happens more than you would think)

Thanks it was not my idea originally but instead one that I took on from a smaller system posted on the forum


Then you can consider getting rid of the specific scanners because all the bags are gonna go through a human at the end regardless of their disposition


I may aswell keep them for realism


Amazing! :open_mouth: … would you mind sending the save over to us? Would love to check out how you’ve built everything and do some profiling… :slight_smile: -> hello [ a t ] airportceo [ d o t ] com


Will do


Do you have delays on baggage delivery? It seems from the corners tot the top row is a considerable distance.

And i like your spacial setup :smiley:

And the baggage loop!

What are your peaks in number of PAX?


I do get the occasional baggage delivery that arrives with moments to spare, though most surprisingly arrive well in advance of scheduled departure time, I do however have 16 ramp agents assigned to each baggage bay, and think that if I were to take some away there would be problems.
I am currently building more remote stands between the runway and terminal, and for these I have created more baggage bays in this area so they are closer.

Thank you! :+1: although as I have said before, I cannot take credit for the original loop design.

It tops out at around 5.5-6K when there are no bugs causing issues.


wow 16 ramp agents… how many stands are on each baggage bays


Three medium stands on the ones in the photos and 4 small on the ones I am building at the moment


I would love to get my hands on this save to see how you build some stuff



Thanks @Toby_H


Thanks for sharing! Very nice looking and organised airport! :+1: