Corner Stands

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Corner Stands


To improve airport layout and terminal utilisation corner stands are a common feature founds around the worlds airports.

Why it should be implemented:

This will allow for stands to be located in corners that are typically space that is not really usable do to the way the stands are arrange.

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One step further: 45 Degree objects. Stands, desks, foundation, taxiways…


Good idea. Possibly be good to implement corner stands that fit into the inside of a corner as well as outside of a corner.

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While I find it as a cool stuff and support your request, current implementation allows the “close enough” scenario due to jet bridges on one side… :slight_smile:

Sorry for nighttime screenshot:


Yeah, I’ve got some like that as well, and no worries being a night time shot. But proper corner stands or the ability to extend the jetway would be much better and truer to a lot of airports I’ve been to.

This is a great idea and needs to get prioritized. Seems a much quicker add and would be a big QOL addition. The problem is multifloors will make top 3 and will take a long time to add and all the quicker stuff will languish.

Yes this is my concern with the democratic approach, i dont want to see a repeat of the UI scenario where we get no update for 6 weeks and the dev log reads ‘we are implementing this difficult feature that you all voted for’

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For sure, multiple floors will probably take longer than the UI update and that will almost certainly make top 3.

Maybe they could do the top longer dev time one and do a few smaller ones as they go so we get more constant content updates. When a major one completes them go to the next on the list.

yeah i suggested in another thread that the selection should be the top voted ‘biggy’ plus 2 small, but i have no influence over the developers lol :slight_smile:

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The devs started they had there own ideas to implement and they would priorities some ideas that get voted. They are still in the creative owners of this project. I think we shouldn’t second guess people’s choices!

That’s what I said!

Yes it has been 2 years since the last post, I know :rofl:

I want to see this implemented nonetheless :upside_down_face:


This would be great

I made a drawing representing this idea:
It slightly occupies the side stand, however, moving the spotlights can fit well:


I would vote if I could! But I’m out of votes :frowning: But nice drawing though! :smiley:

Looks great but needs a mirror to have the jet ways on the common side. :wink:
Also an issue is that tje jet way in the corner is overkapping the other stand.

I think that instead of a mirror effect in this case it is better to rotate 90º, even if the jet ways are on the other side, at least they are not very close together
I see no problem overtaking the other stand as long as you see it fit snugly and the game doesn’t detect it as a collision.

I like your concept image @Strategwindow ! I altered it just a little bit to make it a bit more compliant:

  • Changed jetway to left side of planes.
  • moved the light masts out of the aircraft movement zone (red lines.) might not be the best location right now, but we can discuss on that. :wink: