Coventry Airport - Large Modern Airport with park

Tired of ugly, boring, boxed shape airports, I’ve created Coventry Airport (CVT), loosely based on Istanbul Airport. With four floors of segregated arrivals and departures (as best as possible despite pathfinding issues), the airport features 2 parallel runways, 5 piers, 40 medium stands, 21 security checkpoints, 84 check-in desks, 80 boarding gates, 266 parking spaces, 6 fuel depots and all shops and restaurants available in-game. The crown jewel is the airport’s central park, located after security.

This airport took four days to create, and whilst there has been a focus on detail and aesthetics, some aspects may not work to maximum efficiency. I would suggest that flights are scheduled 60 minutes apart, with the existing taxiway layout, to minimise traffic - and pure confusion.

Coventry is the UK city of culture 2021, and features an existing airport (CVT) that is currently used for GA purposes, despite once offering commercial services with airlines such as Thomson (TUI).

Available on Steam Workshop! (with more pics)

(Completely new to this and have little knowledge about efficient taxiway layouts etc.)


Ooh, I like it! I’m working on one with two gardens inside as well.

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How are you doing with the delays?

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Well, it’s not done yet, and it only has 3 large gates, and 3 small, so I don’t think its very comparable.

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That looks very nice! :+1: :heart_eyes_cat: Do you have some more screenshots of different floor levels? Also interested in some detailed close-up shots, especially the inner terminal park :smiley_cat:

And welcome to the forum!

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Interesting layout, I like it!! And yes please to more screenshots!

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Level G - Arrivals

Level 1 - Departures

Level 2

Terminal Park (After Security)

Example of pier layout

Departures (Traveller Shop, Hikö Sushi, As To Go and TURNER) towards piers F and G

Departures (Pick and Fly, Power, Ziti’s Italian Kitchen, FlyGo, Paper Plane, BelBeer and La French) towards piers A and B

Closeup of restaurant detail (La French)

Check-in and Level 1 Security

Baggage Reclaim

Example of baggage bays and vehicle parking beneath piers

North runways and ATC

Level G pick-up/drop-off

Underground Transport Hub (Buses and Subway) with conveyor belt layout

View of piers B, D and F with taxiway layout

Level 2 passenger routes from disembarkation to arrivals - unfortunately passengers default to walking through departures and down to arrivals.

The airport is still a work in progress - available on the Steam Workshop.


Hi can you teach me how to start an airport im new here

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… Can you post a new topic and not revive a topic from 9 months ago? Thank you, Jet. :slight_smile:

I personally can’t think of a better airport design to revive. Other than maybe this one

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