CPU running at 100%

[ Sorry my english sound bad ] Why is my CPU Running at 100% since the alpha 34 .1. 2.
The game is unplayable with 10 FPS , can someone help me to resolve this major issue please , cause i never got that before

Please update to Alpha 34.1-3 and your issue should be resolved.

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yes … i’m waiting for a feedback too see how the Hotfix perform …

SEE? … i was in the alpha 34.1-3 the last update for A34, and as you can see , my GPU perform at 3% cause i had to make screenshot , CPU perform again at 100 % with only 3000 PAX :upside_down_face:[ yes only because i can reach 9000 PAX with reasonable performances ] and Eight larges planes :slightly_smiling_face: … i can’t describe how annoying is this Insane CPU use , it’s the first time …

Has this been solved now for you with the new update, as it is not really clear from your reply, sorry.

no it’s the same issue again … with the A 34.1-3

Has the game resolution changed without you noticing? I had a similar thing happen to me and turns out I was playing the game at 5K res. I switched back to something more sensible and it fixed my 100% cpu issue.

How ? :slightly_smiling_face:

When I did an update the resolution changed and I didn’t know. Only my Mac I can hold down the Option key to change resolutions etc.

On windows you can select resolution in startup window, before game itself starts…

Do you have the similar kind of load on the default version?

Also what are you hardware specs?

Now i 'm with the experimental version , i think to switch in the default branch to see if the game run better , cause with the last update , The issue is still here .

My specs : CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 , six-core 3,20GHz
GPU : Nvidia GeForce 1070-TI Gigabyte windforce
RAM : Corsair vengeance Pro RGB 2X8GB 3200Mhz DDR4
HDD : Seagate Barracude 1TO 7200RPM
2X SSD : Crucial BX 500 : 480GB / Samsung 850 Evo , 250GB …

Yes, let us know if there’s any difference on the default branch. However, saves you’ve made with Alpha 34 will not be possible to run without issues on Alpha 33.

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