Crashing To Desktop


I have just managed to start turning a profit in-game on my latest airport, however it now seems to crash to desktop at about 5:50 in game.
I have tried both the alpha release and the experimental, restarted the PC and it seems to happen at the same time, every time I load the game.
Any suggestions what I could to?


It would be helpful if you could upload the save file using an application such as google drive and then sharing a link to that file in the forum so that the community can see if it is an issue with the game or your computer. You should also report the issue with the online bug reporting tool and include the save file here aswell.

Are you using Mac or PC?


I am using a PC, and have uploaded the save game to here:!AnWaOeVbsMQ8p6BqILU0jHd9_bZ5PA
I did report through the in-game, but not sure if it succeeded as it then crashed.


Did it give you a bug report number as this is vital for the devs due to the amount of bug reports they receive

I will test the save on my machine tomorrow as it is currently 00:22 where I am


Thanks - don’t recall seeing a number to be honest!

In the same timezone too!


Hey, we’re checking the save now! :slight_smile:


We’ve found a bug that’s now fixed, but the real issue is that one of your airside shuttle bus stops is zoned as staff. This causes a loop that we’ve now fixed but if you want to keep the game from crashing you can simply remove that zone and everything will work as expected.


That worked a treat. The staff area was left from an old service car pickup. I removed it and it works fine.
Thank you

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