Crews, Plans, and so much more?


Alright. I’m sorry if this seems monotonous or confusing, that’s not my plan.

Staff Parking
I know we had discussed staff before, and stated that they’d come in as needed. I believe that goes with desk agents etc… Is this correct? If this is the case, will we be able to designate a certain area for staff to park at? Can we separate all staff parking from passenger parking?

Staff Rooms
I think this was brought up as well, but will there be staff lounges? Crew Lounges? Break rooms? Stuff kinda like that?

Other Staff
I’m curious about this as well. I recall the mention of flight crews, gate agents, etc, but will we be seeing security? Customer service agents? Bus drivers?

Staff Functions
Will we see staff performing multiple functions, or only the ones they’re hired for? Will we see Flight Crews leaving for a layover, and returning? Will we see security handling an issue? Will we see Gate agents trying to settle down passengers if a plane is late?

Passenger Behavior
Will we see passengers getting irate at a late plane, or upset at missing the flight? Will we see passengers drive in and park, only to come back and leave from a car again?

Passenger Waits and Boarding
The mention of lounges had come up, so will we get to see passengers waiting in lounges or restaurants? Will we see them board in specific groups or zones?

Aircraft Maintenance
Will we have to watch the conditions of aircraft? For instance, will we have to set up de-icing stations? Will we have to ensure that runway conditions are safe for the aircraft?

Aircraft Behavior
I’ve noticed that weather has been updated. This goes along with the de-icing, but will we see tailwinds on the aircraft? Will we see bounces (plane hits the runway a little too hard and bounces)? Will we see things like engine fire etc?

Plane Swaps
Will we see plane swaps, maintenance swaps, crews moving from one plane to another? Will we see planes trying to be brought in to replace a flight that’s supposed to leave in say 20 minutes?

Aircraft Sizes In Relation to Flight Crew airc
Obviously most flights have 2 pilots (Captain and First Officer) but will we see Flight engineers on larger aircraft? Will we see only the 2 on smaller? Will we see proper flight attendant amounts in each plane, for instance 1 flight attendant on a CRJ200 compared to 2 on a CRJ700 or CRJ900, or even 3 on the A321 etc? Will we see replacement flight crew on international flights?

Plans and Building
Building Sizes
Will we have size LIMITS as far as how big something has to be, or a minimum of how small it can be? Will we be able to change that by placing up ropes etc if we have to remodel?

Building Patterns
Would we be able to use a planning tool to basically create patterns or ideas we think will work? If not, will it all be as we go?

Object Placements
For instance, queue lines, will we be able to split one line into 2 into 4? Maybe like traffic control? Will we be able to (as mentioned) set up ropes to control where traffic will go, not just for queue lines? When I was in Atlanta, Security Checkpoint was so busy that they had ropes on either side of the escalators to get people ready for the security checkpoint, almost like keeping them in line and directing them. Would we also be able to station staff in certain areas to direct passengers?

I know this is a lot of questions, but I’m genuinely curious!
I still can’t wait to see the baggage video and the beginning to end video! SO EXCITED!


With the Flight Crew thing. Could flight crew also delay a flight because of being stuck trying to get to the airport or even trying to get through security ?


I also wanna add that some airports (Like Atlanta) appear to be in multiple pieces and use trains to connect the concourses, and Atlanta’s train is underground and transits tons of people from one end to another… I think it was mentioned before, but I would imagine we’d need to decide stations etc.

If we set up like 3 bus stops out front, would 1 bus stop at all 3? Can we add lanes to certain areas and set bus stops on those?


If you do a search a lot of this has already been covered


This is all so cool!


Which is why I said it may have been mentioned, but it’s all stuff I was wondering about. Searching a few of these, I didn’t see discussion or response on them…


Hi Nace,

Not at all, we are only glad you are so excited over Airport CEO. I could try to answer all of your questions but my answer will almost be the same each time. The truth is that we don’t know/have not decided. We do not have a clear picture or a comprehensive list of all the features we want to implement in ACEO yet. The game development is highly organic and the road ahead is not written in stone. This is a good thing, as it will allow us to adjust the game development according to community preference and implement popular suggestions from the community. Further down the road we will implement a suggestion voting system, where you will be able to submit suggestion, which then can be voted upon by the community.

I will give you some advice if you don’t mind. :slight_smile: Instead of asking us, try tell us what you would like to see in the game and how it will add to the overall gameplay, then people can give you feedback and comment on the idea. Try to give few well thought out suggestions as each idea may take anything from a couple of hours to weeks to implement. Remember, we must always consider the time a feature takes to implement over its benefit to the game. :airplane:


Thanks for speaking a little bit on this! I suppose all of these would be my suggestions, so would y’all like me to make suggestions for each section I’ve typed up?


It says in the main intro, passengers and staff are deeply simulated. This means they have emotions, personalities, and more. Staff are the same way. Passengers will get angry if lines are long, their flights are late, etc. Staff might get mad if they are not getting paid enough or getting overworked. As for lounges, I think there definitely should be lounges, as they are in many airports. As for aircraft, there would be less crew for an CRJ200 flight, there would be more crew on a 737 or A321.


Just wanted to say irl customer service reps are paid by the airlines



I just have some questions/ideas regarding planning of airport/upgrading airport.
Lets say you have a well functioning airport going but you want to expand security (or any other part), will there be some sort of orderingservice of the parts? Let’s say you want to build a couple more securitymodules but don’t want to tear a hole in your airport before you have all the parts already delivered to fill the hole quickly. Maybe some sort of orderingtablet where you place an order for x-number of any item with pricetag. Also makes it easier to manage cost before starting a project.
Don’t have a number of how many times I’ve screwed up in different “tycoon” games because of running out of money halfway. Also don’t want to “ruin” my airport for too long just to make an upgrade.

Best regards Schwalbee


Well most tycoon games are quite easy. But some do eat brains. And some good ones become irritating because of minute micromanagement and bankruptcy.:worried:

As far as your question, it will become tedious to order those small parts. You want to upgrade your important security part without hindering passenger flow. In real world, it’s impossible unless you have a backup.
So better if we can add a tutorial named ‘Always have a Backup’.:grinning:

Adding this will just bring unnecessary complexity for the player.

Ok, now my question(s) for Devs:
- In PA, we are able to ‘order’ items by building them and then quickly cancelling them. The item gets stored in Deliveries or Storage. Is it possible to that in ACEO ??
- Again In PA, not all items are delivered using trucks. Sometimes they just appear in the Deliveries (when order quantities are huge). Or sometime even in Builder’s hand. Is it possible in ACEO, if order quantity is too much for it to be delivered quickly through truck??

Edit: I don’t usually tag u guyz but i think you missed this and i really wanted this answer. :grin:
@Fredrik @Olof


yeah ofcourse, I see what you mean :slight_smile:
I meant in addition to the normal buildingoption of just placing things where you want. Just thought with would be a cool idea to be able to order let’s say a checkin desk and a securitymodule so it could be ready in your “storage” when you have teared down a wall :slight_smile:
It would basically do the same thing as placing and then remove it. just in an easier more clean way to get an item you need ready for when you need it :slight_smile:
By the tablet I meant like an ipad-thingy where you f.eks would have an overview over you storage and opportunity to order items.
It’s just an Idea and by far something I expect being in the game :smiley:


I get your idea now. If the Devs can retain the simplicity then i would support the feature, otherwise highly unlikely.


In the video crates had no relation to work order


That’s bad.:pensive: Probably will get better in future builds.


I get your idea behind it. I saw a gameplay video of Sim Airport today where loads of people skiped the security area because there was a bit of wall missing. This ist surely nothing yu would want to happen as it is a huge risk when it come to security.
Maybe an idea to solve this problem would we a temporal zone where passengers are not allowed but staff are. This is something you can see at airports and train stations IRL very often if they have do do some construction work to do, like when they put up walls to narrow a corridor because they are putting in new doors or something alike.
Now I don’t understand anything about programming sadly but as this would just be a matter of zoning this might not be to complicated? :slight_smile:


Maybe a special block with that yellow construction tape? Would be built instantly an works as a wall

Construction Restrictions

nice idea.


I wanted to say I mentioned something along those lines, but more asking if it was possible to set up crowd flow ropes for constructions etc. Maybe that could work.