(critical bug) aceo-25398

Ok. I had a HUGE problem after building my second terminal. NO security staff (or staff in general) are showing up to their workplace. I have a way for staff to get between terminals, I have staff rooms near the checkpoints, I have over 100 security staff, all that. I even tried firing all staff then rehiring them. Nobody is going to their work. they are all just finding the closest bathroom and standing there. This is a game breaking bug. (Alpha 35 Experimental)

Ok, I quit and got back in about 3 times and it finally fixed, but it still happened. A new player could have this happen and get very frustrated and refund the game or something. I think it still deserves some looking in to.

Thats also a thing about this game. Every but is always so inconsistent. I’ve had bugs I experienced two years ago that were fixed that randomly popped back up again now. And the bug where the baggage trucks don’t load the baggage happens about 50% of the time I load up the game.

I just hope that the devs focus more time on bugs in the future, but I do realize I am playing the experimental branch so I should expect these bugs.

Reported something similar under ACEO-25407, for me, the Security Officers went to the checkpoints, but they did not activate…

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Happened to me too, they went to the security checkpoints but their status was “empty” and other security guards could stand on top of them.

@EvanTheCEO @MKH1020 @kevinharding

After you painted the two terminal, have you assigned staff to each terminal?

If not, go to the terminal tool, click on the blue person icon/vehicle icon and assign staff and vehicle to the different terminals

The problem is, I don’t want to assign specific staff to each terminal. I have it at 0 for both so that they can choose where they want to go so if another terminal is more busy at a time, more staff will go over there.
But for some reason staff don’t seem to work when they aren’t assigned to a specific terminal.

The terminal update has been made because staff and people were always in the wrong terminal. You just need to assign depending on how big are the terminal.

And then you can easily see if some terminal need more staff by checking the flight overview: if you see that there are delays with the security in terminal 1, you hire and assign more security agent to terminal 1 and so on

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