Crowded Bus Stop

Hi there.
I am continuesly experiencing an issue where passengers at bus stops crowd into one single spot, which causes a whole bunch of incidents and complaints, the complaints are usually because they cannot find their way, but each passenger eventually gets the issue resolved, but more passengers spawn and complain. They are crowded in one single spot in the bus stop, usually in the center, and I highly doubt it has anything to do with my airport layout, because I’ve done it with multiple different airports.
Another question, I place my bus stop, and surround it in pathways, which lead to the terminal, obviously the bus stop is also connected to a public road, am I doing anything wrong?

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Please post some screenshots…
It is nearly impossible to give good advice, without them…

Edit: bus stop needs to have a sidewalk connection and -often forgotten- if pax have to cross the street you need a crosswalk, too.

A lot of people waiting but not a lot of cars picking them up. Makes no sense considering how real airports are

There is a known issue about that, devs wanted to fix with A35…

That’s why I’ve deactivated all my bus-/car-/taxi-stops, at the moment. Metro only works well, too…

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I’ve reported this bug, too. The PAX are pilling up on bus, taxi, and car stands, but the game isn’t sending any busses or taxis to the airport. Just a red “!”. Turn them off, though, and watch 1000+ PAX run to the bathroom then head for the subway exit.

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