Custom Off-Peak Hours (Overnight) - Toggle if a facility is 24hr or not?


Firstly, I’m not suggesting a total free for all of setting opening hours for every last facility, I’m sure that would be a headache and too micromanaged…

My suggestion here is ONE single setting, and then Yes/No if wish to apply it to any of your facilities in your airports :slight_smile:


  • Be able to set a master “Peak vs Off Peak” block of time. (e.g. 0230-2000) as a rule for your airport throughout.
  • Toggle if a facility is 24hr or Peak Only.
  • Franchises limited to a maximum daily hours (e.g. 15-20 hours varying), but if decide it’s a 24hr facility then it’ll cost you (maybe reduced or commission paid to airport for the off peak hours)
  • If it’s a peak only facility, you’ll save money by not operating it 24hrs. The staff if relevant would then go to the staff room for a rest.
  • Security/Passport checkpoints override automatically, to force 1 entry/exit to be kept 24hr until all customers have exitted all secure zones (including Int’l zone).
  • Airfield Operating Hours (Tower Services & Airfield Lighting) toggled in same way, but similar to security services would override automatically to stay open until final departure and open in time for first arrival (this may sound odd, but it’s suprisingly common for airfields including tower ATC to close at small commercial airports out of hours, though limitting their ability to pocket some revenue from occasional diversions, which could also be factored into the game!)

Why is this being suggested?

  • Realism, it could be a simple nice to have for example, closing off passenger security lanes at night automatically, some or all of them depending on if you have night flights.
  • Customise to match your operation, ensuring franchises for example are open early enough for the first customers, close early once final flights are boarding, plus keep a few core facilities open for night flying passengers.
  • Save money, if a facility is switched off, the operating cost could be reduced and the staff take a rest in their usual staff room.
  • To Delay, Or not to Delay becomes a much bigger question, especially if you close your airfield overnight and close your secure areas also. You risk either delaying a flight and the costs of keeping secure areas staffed and airfield open later, or risk bad reputation leaving bags/passengers behind due to an incomplete turnaroun by sending the aircraft on time.

My idea here is, to suggest a way of creating a great level of customisation, from effectively only ONE actual setting, you then are just saying Yes/No for a facility, it could be 24hr by default and up to the CEO to toggle which facility, if any, make use of the peak/offpeak customisation.

Welcome any feedback or ideas to add to this! :slight_smile: