Daily Quests eventually?



I have 2 things to say.

1 - I am so looking forward to the release in August! Unless it changes.

2 - Eventually, will there be Daily Quests?

What I mean by Daily Quests is that you have to do something every day and you get a reward like 50000 (Cash Currency)


Hi there, the Devs have committed that the game will definitely come out in August. Could be as late as 31 August, but August for sure.

Regarding daily quests, i think it would be a nice feature, but as you suggested, eventually. Not in the near future I assume.


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As vikhattangady said, the developers are still on track for an August release :slight_smile:

Daily quests sounds like an interesting addition. Isnt that something for mobile games usually?


Alright! This is actually my first Forum Post!


I rather don’t see a daily quest, I think it gives the game a casual look and I hate casual simulators. I rather see milestones then, things you really have to work for over a serveral days or weeks. Complete once in a lifetime,not every single airport.


But Daily Quest’s are not part of airport life. You don’t just get 50,000 dollars for putting 5 decorations down, or having 8 gates with jetbridges


Milestones are way better, but I think the only way to get free money is by having your airport get an award from some big aviation organization.


Agreed, otherwise people will go for the quests to get that money instead of building freely/economically. Awards are a much better idea like “most eco-friendly” or perhaps even a star based system between 1 and 5 where upgrading your airport makes it more popular.


There is also government grants though, but technically that’s not “free money”


Daily quests are for free mobile games that need people coming back and playing them but if you buy ACEO you’ve bought it and it doesn’t matter how much you use it and therefore I think milestones would be much better!


Well… the OP is new… And I think he meant just tasks…and not daily tasks.

I do support tasks.

It’s impossible (not impossible but I hope u get the feeling) to implement daily tasks in a PC game that can run on Win 7 too. And it’s pretty useless too.


I think this could be fun if there will be a career mode in the future, like if the city hires you to construct and manage their new Airport but you have to meet certain specifications on how to design and decorate the Airport. And the “daily quests” or “tasks” can be to have a certain amount of passengers or revenue, etc. every game-day