Dangerous Baggage Loaded

So I’m using my routine baggage security scheme. But I think since recent versions, it started to continuously reporting dangerous baggage loaded.

baggage bay 1

baggage bay 2

What’s the skill level and productivity of your security officer behind the tier 3 monitor?

Not sure, but for sure green. Maybe not max, I’d probably train all of them.

Feed the output from tier 3 back in front of the tier 1. I’ve used that for a long time now and never get dangerous stuff loaded.

Some bags go through several checks before they leave the loop, but the beauty is that if you temporarily don’t have security officer manning the tier 3, “un scanned” bags stay in the system until new officer comes in.

@Pasi So what you’re saying is you have no bag destroyer and that every bag that fails all 3 tiers eventually flags clear for loading?

The idea is that you feed the tier 3 passed baggage back into the tier 1 scanner and send it around again. If it fails the tier 3 scanner it still gets crushed. It’s not very realistic, but it stops baggage security failures. It will either get crushed or pass the tier 2 scanning eventually.

No. Baggage destroyer is there normally but all cleared bags go in for second check, hence the green out from tier 3 goes back in front of tier 1 scanner.

All these bags which would otherwise be cleared but actually be “dangerous bags loaded” ones, get scanned several times until cleared from false positives or eventually destroyed. But none of them end up being loaded into the airplane. Security rating is 100% for all stages in arrangement like this.