Day & night time slider


Would be great to have a day & night time slider that does not influence the in game time. This would maybe be best in pause mode (question to the community), so you can take clear screenshots for bug reports or determine the best time of day for a cool screenshot for the new website screenshot contest for example. It also helps to built in daytime.


I have often wondered why people submit night shots for help with layout or zoning. I appreciate that a screenshot might be needed immediately that a bug occurs but on other issues I do find it a little odd when we get lots of shots in the dark!


You can change game time via F10 menu :wink:

You can save game, change time, take SSes and go back to saved game so your gameplay won’t be effected.


You can indeed, but going back and forth between save games is not really ‘convenient’, so a slider will help a lot. Also if you don’t do a save and then change the time through F10 the game is pretty screwed as you will never get back to the original time, so the flight planning is all over the place.


People could just wait until it’s day to take a screenshot


People could just wait until it’s day to take a screenshot

There you go :smiley: CASE CLOSED! :stuck_out_tongue:


I know it sounds simple but for every idea which is a nice to have it does rather draw focus away from stuff we really want.


With 3000 PAX on airport, that takes forever.


Thanks all for your comments. Sometimes nice to haves can be very handy and helpful to get other things done more quickly. I think it will help a lot to get better screenshots and with that be able to provide better support, my2cents.

It’s up to the devs if and what they want to do with our ideas.


I do believe this can be helpfull. Not everything that requires a screenshot can wait. For examples, if you have the start of a pileup, you want to screenshot that immidiately instead of waiting untill it’s day and the pileup has grown massively in size making the screenshot more chaotic.