De-icing not working

I have had this for quite a long time now, on multiple saves. No one uses the de-icing pads, not one aircraft. None of the aircraft list it as a required service. I’ve tried in New York and London, and it’s the same. Ideas?

Did you check the contract and that deicing was enabled in minus temps?

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Yes, is it enabled? Is there a path to the deicing pads for trucks? Could we please have a screenshot? :smile:


All yeses! I’ve played this game for a long time without this issue, however I know things change often. Am I missing anything?

I can rule out issues with the trucks. None of the aircraft have de-icing listed as a required service.


Where is your airport?
You have 27°C. Do you get temperatures below 1°C?

/Edit I see… NYC… so wait until Winter :slight_smile:

New York. And I also have tried in London too. Actually now that you’ve mentioned it, maybe this is a bug? I currently have snow on the grown but it says 12 degrees.

The ground texture is based on the climate zone and season. In your case, the climate zone has 4 seasons. When winter arrives, it turns to snow. (Snow on the ground but 15 degrees in the air are possible.)

The temperature itself is based on some real climate data of real weather stations for the location of your airport. This should give some realistic values for your airport. In some regions you may only have a few cold nights in winter.

But it should be possible that your airport reaches temps below 1°C, otherwise the map would not allow you to build de-iceing pads at all and the button in the operation panel could not be activated. (This is to prevent that people build useless de-iceing structures for example on a caribbean island)

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