Dedicated satellite buildings per airline

Has anyone built an airport that has specific terminals or satellite building for a specific airline, or grouping of airlines.

Each satellite would have a mix of small/medium/large stands depending on the contract, a dedicated lounge and its own baggage bay, and be routed to a dedicated baggage pickup

Would be interesting to see if this has been done and even if people haven’t what challenges would people foresee with this design?

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I kinda done, but through manual processes, and it was more terminals before they were even a thing.


I use just some gates dedicated to an airline group. For that I was able to make a own check in area just for this airlines.

One airline only might be a bit restricted as the maximum of 50 flights is reached fast. So in my case I have those gates for Swiss, Lufthansa, Edelweiss, Austrian and I did also splitted the Swiss mod in two parts: Large planes an medium planes to double up the number of total offers.

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