Departing passengers left behind!


Hello again!,

I have an issue with departing passengers that are being left behind. For several game days I get a warning that passengers can’t find a suitable exit.
However when I checked the passengers information they are all departing passengers so I decided to watch what happens on that stand. I found out that on the departing flights of multiple airlines the plane departs the stand with one passenger still outside on the stand.

The area is secured, I checked this multiple times and the door to the terminal works perfectly, the affecting stand shares a door with the stand next to it and that one doesnt give me any issues at all.
I’ve also placed another door and even remove a wall section, however noting worked so I placed the original wall back.

Does anyone have an idea of what’s going on here?


This bug has been fixed in experimental version. You can also test it.


I had the same problem when the stand was not close to the boarding desk (extra sidewalks in between). I watched the passengers walk out, but the plane pushed back before they got on. I solved this by building the foundation right up to the stand.
What I’ve also found is the “flight delay 1 hour?” message box was disappearing very quickly before I could click on Yes/No so the plane didn’t wait. This happens since 0.22.1
Happy to wait until experimental goes live…


When the popup box goes away quickly it is because that flight is backing away from the gate. The delay was a minute or 2 in game is all. I have seen this happen frequently as I go to find the flight and see if I want to delay and it is backing off as the box vanishes.


Makes sense, however why is it only the case on that stand? The other stand has had more delays however not a single passenger has been left behind.
Even if you decide to make passengers walk for a mile a plane should not depart with passengers in between te boarding desk and the plane.