Design Your Own Airline or Repaint


Here you can share your designs of aircraft, airlines and airline logos!

Change a real world livery, make it your own!


I recommend you use Med’s Templates . They are extremely high quality. (You need an account to view and download the templates).

Airline Logos

I suggest using Google for your logos. Make sure they’re transparent!

Recommended Programs

I personally use autodesk sketchbook on iOS, for free. Some higher quality editors are adobe photoshop, pixelmator for iOS, or

When posting, please give credit to the template creator.


Some examples-

Alaska A350

Template credit Med

JetBlue A320

Template credit Med


They Closed down the thread in infinite flight’s forum, I guess I am going to post here now


Fictional Air Botswana 747-400D, Template from Med.


Fictional Air Botswana 747-8i, Template from Med.


There was a reason, and I’d rather not bring everything from there here.


Air Rhodesia Il-96M, Template made from Med’s Il-96 and 757-300 templates


Air Rhodesia MD-11 Combi, Template from Med


Air Rhodesia BAC Concorde, template from Med



Here my recent real world livery, hope you like it!

Template by med, livery by me


Can we get these randomly spawned in for aircraft from specific airlines at some point? I love watching Southwest park their planes at my airport. It’d be even more fun if I could get the ones with the individualized liveries.

Well done.


That used to be a feature. I have 18 different Qantas (eight old & new style, retro and a special liveries. They have unique tail numbers so in reality only four, but I get the same tail number now. Cannot be bothered to do my workaround) liveries and nine different Air New Zealand specials. They did get chosen at random till a performance update broke the randomisation routine. I do now at least get to see my specials again having worked out a solution. :slight_smile:


Air Rhodesia Il-96M Animals and Trees livery, Template made from Meds Il-96-300 and 757-300


Air Rhodesia 767-400ER, Template from Med


Air Rhodesia 747-400D and 747-8i in “Animals and Trees” livery. Template From Med.
and here are the regular liveries


Other liveries!!

All templates by med, all liveries by me. Dirt effects on the DC-10 by namika


Gorgeous. I’m not a fan of the intent for severe realism in this game. Perhaps there is room for the mod community to build a second airline mod that is “other airlines” if people spend time developing them. It seems like it would only be a second file with name changes, rating changes, and then referencing the new liveries. There are already individual airlines on the workshop, why not combine them. It’s out of my skillset for now though.

Also, note, it is the DC-10, not the MD-10. It was the MD-11 (with the winglets). At the time the DC-10 came out, it was the Douglas Company. When McDonnel and Douglas Merged, the updated DC-10 was released under the unified company. Please feel free to correct me if I am in err on this… Alas, I am actually old enough to remember this in the news papes and did a lot of flying as kid looking at airplane guides in the seatback pocket.


Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific Il-96Ms, Template made from Med’s Il-96 and 757, liveries by me


Air China, Dragon Air, and Swiss International Airlines Il-96-400Ms, Template made from Med’s Il-96 template and liveries by me


Curiously, what’s the point in making the side livery images and posting them here?