Design Your Own Airline or Repaint


Personally, I like making “what if” liveries, because I want to see how those aircraft would look like if they existed. Besides that, liveries made using Med’s Templates look better than side photos of aircraft, I find. The liveries are also not very difficult to make, and don’t take that much time, at least using Pixelmator.



PAN AM Il-96M, livery by me, template made from Med’s 757-300 and Il-96-300.


You have literally taken the exact design of one of BA’s world tails.

Credit -


It is, that’s why I labelled it “animals and Trees”, as that is the livery’s name



And yes, is true it is called DC-10, I didn’t saw my error, will edit I ton original post! Thanks for letting me know, didn’t noticed!


You can’t just take a real world livery and claim it as yours why don’t you just make your own.


The the livery besides the Tail was made by me, the tail is called “Animals and Trees”, that is precisely why I labelled it as such, and put the name in Quotes. I also used the stabiliser because I liked the livery, and the BA “Animals and Trees” 747-8i and 400 was made already. It also made sense to use it for the Air Rhodesia livery as Rhodesia was a former British Colony, (the same reason why I took inspiration from BA’s and Cathay’s liveries), as well as a tropical country, and I wanted to highlight the relation.


It doesn’t matter if you put it in quotes you are still taking something which was probably copyrighted and place it on a livery that you made so I would say take inspiration from the tail and make your own.




XL Airways Il-96-400M, Template made from Med’s Il-96-300 and 757-300, livery by me.



Ohana By Hawaiian Il-96M, template made using Med’s 757-300 and Il-96-300, livery by me.


I like this a lot :slight_smile:


Gosh if there was a way to convert these designs to ACEOMM :sob:



Ohana By Hawaiian 747SP and 747-8SP, Livery by me, 747SP Template by Med, and -8SP made using Med’s -8i and SP Templates


Ohana By Hawaiian 747-400D, Template by Med, livery by me


Ohana By Hawaiian 747-8i, temple by Med, livery by me