Destination Choice


My class was given the opportunity to plan a trip anywhere in the world. Because of my picky personality I am having trouble deciding. I have narrowed in down to either Perth or Sydney. Given the chance, which one would you rather go to? If you want to could you please explain why you chose one destination.

  • Perth
  • Sydney

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  1. This should really go in Off Topic
  2. Where are you coming from?
  3. How many in your class?
  4. What age group?
  5. Are you actually going or just planning it?
  6. Perth, because it’s my hometown, plus Sydney just feels crowded and overrated


planning, and I am just trying to choose a destination so origin is a little irrelevant.


I can’t imagine that you’d choose Perth over Sydney if you’ve never at least visited Sydney once. Though as someone who visits Sydney regularly enough, (and being from Melbourne) I can’t but help agree it is a little overrated. But I would definitely choose that it you haven’t seen it over Perth. Melbourne is worth a visit too though :wink: