Dev Blog 121: Airport CEO enters 2019!


This year’s first dev blog is finally out and… it’s a long one so strap in!

Also… welcome @Rubble! :heart_eyes:


First. Well done. The most recent update fixed performance issues at a profound level. Well done.


Beautiful devlog. And congratulations @Rubble :smiley:

I can’t wait how AirportCEO will be a big boy in airport tycoon and management games genre.


Congrats @Rubble :tada::balloon::confetti_ball:


Congrats @Rubble!


Congrats @Rubble. Great job so far :slight_smile:


Thanks for the dev blog guys!

Looking forward to many new stunning designed planes from @Rubble! :star_struck:


Awesome work on both Q400, E170 and E190! Really looking forward to them and whichever aircraft wins the new poll. But, as a terrible nitpicker that I am, I have to let you know about this one small detail. E170 does not have an overwing emergency exit. It might be possible that it has been changed in the meantime, in that case, I take everything back. Ofcourse, E190 does have one overwing emergency exit on each side.


@Rubble mentioned on discord that he wasn’t done with the E170 model…


The E190 has over wing exits on them. What you saw was in the group photo was an earlier version of the model. As Yukka says, the E170 is not quite finished, especially the engine nacelles pictured above.


Congrats @Rubble! Looking forward to some awesome aircraft in-game!


Big congrats @Rubble I can’t wait to see the next aircraft you bring


Well there’s two votes running… The GA will be first to be implemented though I would guess with all of the other items required within the game for larger aircraft.


Forgot to say this earlier but a big congratulations to @rubble !