Dev Blog 124: Preparing for Alpha 30 and a status update on multiple floors


Good evening airport CEO!

A dev blog released already before 1AM? Wow… well, here you go:


That’s usually 2am for me so yeah, great work and a great read :slight_smile:


Good some people in Europe keep your hours. Nice read. :slight_smile:


That looks like a nice fish you’re making @rubble :upside_down_face:


Beautiful devblog. And we see very first picture of multi floors :smiley:


As Jasper said: nice read guys! Great progress on those multiple floors :smile:

And at first I was quite hesitant regarding the new ACEO-soundtrack; I honestly thought it wouldn’t add as much as focusing on bug fixing, or adding new improvements (:flushed:), but the different tracks sound amazing! It will certainly be a great addition to this amazing game!

The new soundtrack is a great combination of instrumental corporate jazz and transportation funk/groove! Big compliments to you two and especially Sinephony! :+1:


Just how on earth did they get into and out of that bunker??? :rofl::heart_eyes:


Finally multiple floors ! We can finally build secret bunkers under airport like DEN airport


Is it planned that the update will include multi-floor gates (maybe only for the as-of-yet to be implemented large gates) so we can split arrivals and departures? That would be really cool! As ever, great work though- I enjoy dipping back into ACEO and seeing what has changed!


How do they go from floor to floor, as the screenshot does not show stairs and/or elevators. (Hint !)

I was hoping for the large aircraft by now but the new GA aircraft look very good.


Large aircraft would need large stands and other changes so might take a little longer. Alpha 30 is also coming today so will see what changes this brings.

Both stairs and elevators are listed on the trello board!


Thanks Stu. (Whats a trello board ?)


The board shows what they are working on and where it is. No everything is on the board but it is worth a look.


As mentioned in the blog it’s work in progress, on the development board they have elevators and stairs to be developed, so we don’t need Scotty to beam PAX from floor to floor :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @all,

when can we expect the next Dev Blog ? :slightly_smiling_face:


In a week, it’s a biweekly devblog


Thanks for the Info.


That appears to be a PA-34 Seneca (with some minor changes, notably a single front windshield, and wider less-square wings)

and not a PA-28 Cherokee, as those are single-engine.