Dev Blog 126: Alpha 30 and The Soundtrack Update released, the development ahead and multiple floor progress

If i were a robot i would think this: Now installing: Excitement.exe

Ryanair’s target is set at a 25 minute turnaround. 25 minutes is barely enough to get the passengers in and out, let alone clean it in the meanwhile. It could of course be possible that Ryanair aircraft get cleaned at their destination airports but since Eindhoven Airport was a base, it doesn’t make much sense.

I also know that WizzAir aircraft aren’t cleaned at Eindhoven Airport but since EA is not a base they could only be cleaned at their base.


Actually, who won the airport design competition and when can we look forward to the test airport tutorial?

I will drop a reply in that thread! :slight_smile:


You know, I was serious on Youtube when I was asking about a released soundtrack :smile: I would love to buy this from you guys as an album I can put in my MP3 player or something to listen to…

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