Dev Blog 127: Continued localization, continued catering and continued multiple floors and terminals


Could be a good idea to have a gate upgrade option in game vs having a dedicated area to buy. Gate option might cost more in total if you have lots of gates but the cost for each is low and will save you space airside but of course holds a plane at the gate longer. Dedicated space would get planes away from your gates but perhaps costs more as a unit and uses up valuable space airside, and of course would be smaller in aggregate vs every gate having the option.


Hi All!

Hope everyone is well! It’s been about two years since I last visited… not sure where the time has gone!

I am extremely impressed and excited about how far this game has come in the past two and a half years. Wow!!! Big thumbs up to the team for continuing to develop this amazing game that aviation fans have been searching high and low for. Looking forward to seeing multiple floors and terminals coming into force as well as many future updates.


Well, in all my travels around Africa I have never seen a de-icer :wink: Snow comes to mountains, and make it cold for the rest of us in the lower areas… So this is quite a fun thing to look forward to!


The key here is holdover time (HOT). The timing starts on the first application of fluid. HOT is listed on a table and varies with type of fluid, temperature, type of precipitation and intensity.
In certain conditions HOT can be less than 10 minutes. It would be a shame to waste that time taxiing to the runway, therefore dedicated de-ice platforms are usually closer to the runway.
Bonus side effect is that you free up the gates for arriving aircraft as well.
Here in Norway we only de-ice at dedicated platforms.


I’ve flown through Montréal recently. And the deicing pit stops on the way to the runway was nothing short of awesome and efficient!


Yeah, I think deicing should have it’s stand but also, that you can assign a truck to a gate if you want to be cheaper on it.